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Bronisha Khadka Thapa

Project Manager, Nepal


Bronisha Khadka Thapa is a versatile Project Manager, originating from the culturally rich nation of Nepal. With a multifaceted skill set, they play a pivotal role at RnR Groups in the USA, overseeing event and model coordination, as well as managing news feeds for the company. She embarked on her professional journey in Nepal, where she honed her organizational talents by managing a wide range of events, from music festivals to cultural celebrations. This early experience laid the groundwork for her future endeavors. Upon joining RnR Groups Company in the USA, She swiftly became a linchpin of the team. Her ability to manage both the logistical intricacies of events and the dynamic world of model coordination and news feeds demonstrated her adaptability and resourcefulness. Expertly orchestrated and executed a variety of RnR events across the USA, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for attendees. – Spearheaded model coordination efforts, collaborating with models and agencies to curate captivating experiences that complement the music events. – Managed the company’s news feeds, keeping audiences informed and engaged with timely updates and captivating content. She is passionate about both music and fashion. Her unique ability to combine these interests adds a distinctive touch to RnR events, creating a harmonious blend of music and style. She understands the importance of keeping audiences engaged and informed. Her innovative approach to managing news feeds ensures that RnR Groups Company maintains a strong online presence and connection with its followers. She remains committed to elevating RnR Event Company’s standing in the industry. She aspire to continue delivering exceptional event experiences, exploring new avenues of fashion and music integration, and keeping audiences around the world engaged through news feeds. In summary, Bronisha Khadka Thapa is a versatile Project Manager whose expertise spans event coordination, model management, and news feed curation. Her passion for music, fashion, and audience engagement enriches RnR events and ensures the company remains at the forefront of the industry.

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