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For us, it’s all about to bringing together the Nepalese diaspora through entertainment and promoting and providing better platform  for Nepalese art, culture, food, music and film. Whether it’s a cultural show or fashion night, movie premier or even the fundraiser party we are always working to connect our audience about Nepal and promoting tourism in Nepal. 


Fashion Parade 2024

2020 New Year Eve Program USA

Comedy Night 2019

Entertainment Night 2019

Nepali Movie

Angels On The Floor 2018

Charity Concert 2018

Moksha Mantra Live Concert

Live Band Music Program

Nepali New Year Program USA

1974 AD Live In Concert

Women In Concert USA Tour 2017

Ani Choying Live In Concert 2017

Global Nepal Fest 2017

Sur Sudha Live in Washington DC 2016

Summer Musical Sanjh 2016

Nepali Ramailo Sanjh 2015

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