Fashion Parade 2024

RnR Groups Hosts Spectacular Event Featuring Diverse Talents and Stellar Support

In a dazzling display of creativity and talent, RnR Groups, renowned event planners and managers, orchestrated yet another unforgettable extravaganza. The event at a prestigious venue showcased a mesmerizing array of performances and services, leaving attendees spellbound.
From the electrifying NTV Night live telecast to the glamour of the Fashion Show and the soul-stirring Musical Events, the evening was a testament to RnR Groups’ versatility and expertise. With past successes, including the iconic October fest, which drew a record-breaking crowd of attendees, and heartwarming Charity Shows that raised over for , RnR Groups continues to raise the bar in event management.
Choreographed to perfection by the talented Sujita Khanal, each performance captivated the audience, from the dancers’ graceful moves to the singers’ melodic voices. Graphic designers Usha Parajuli and Tesfaya Hailu added their creative flair, ensuring every aspect of the event was visually stunning. The event was hosted by Arya Thapa as well as a talented singer.
It was graced by esteemed sponsors like India Palace and Sum X (Explore Sum X for a streamlined, Adaptable approach to project, resource, and time management Systems). Zen Travel, and State Farm, among others, the event boasted support from businesses committed to excellence. Lumanti – The Taste of Remembrance and Raaga Tandoor tantalized taste buds with their delectable offerings. At the same time, United Bazaar provided a glimpse into local culinary delights. And also than you for supporting Nepalrealitors, Stripe, Wyndham Garden, Ikon Realtor(Bishal Karki), Key Accounting and tax services LLC, Kabindra sitoula-Realtor, Simple Mortgage LLC, FFS Madhawa Sharma, Marianela Rivas, One Mortgage INC, Galaxy Event Solutions, Bharat Subedi (Loan Officer) Mausam Shresta.
The event was complete with the expertise of photographers and videographers Tesfaya Hailu, Paban Gautam,  Tej Man Tamang and Kumar Shrestha who immortalized every moment with their lenses. Special thanks were extended to video technicians Roman Puri, Dal Badhur Thakuri, Jayesh Rimal, and Saurav Adhikari for their invaluable contributions.
Makeup artist Tisha’s Artsry worked magic backstage, ensuring every performer looked their best. Speaking of performers, Sackshi Lammehnne was enchanted with her sweet melodies, while Sabita Shrestha was dazzled with her mesmerizing dance moves. Vzen Events added an extra layer of excitement with their group performance. Dresses provided by Liza’s Beauty & Fashion Hub
Male and female models, including Aisha Acharya, Gunjana Singh, Romu Thapa Uprety and Dev Uprety, Shova Gaili, Sushan Yogi, Sapna Rimal, Sunshine Chettri, Apurwa Shah, Manisha Prasain Adhikari, Rajshress Shrestha, Manisha Amataya, Sharmila Hamal,  Kney Shah, Sani Shrestha, Samip Puri,  graced the stage with elegance and poise, embodying the epitome of style and sophistication.
Supported by AKB and a host of other collaborators, RnR Groups once again proved why they are leaders in the industry, delivering an event that surpassed all expectations. As the curtains closed on yet another remarkable evening, attendees left with memories to cherish and anticipation for the next RnR Groups spectacle. The event also had a significant impact on the community, and program supported by (Bishwo Raj Thapa) and

Pic By: Tejman Tamang ( RnR Groups)

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