Harmony for Hope: Bringing Music to those in Nepal

Bronisha Khadka Thapa

RnR Groups

Singer Madhu Chhetri’s Melody Musical Night program was concluded with overwhelming success and enthusiastic crowd in America.

For the first time in America, Nepali singer Madhu Chhetri’s solo program “Melody Musical Night” has been completed. The event, which was held on August 12 in Manassas, Virginia, was represented by Neeko Foundation. Neeko Foundation is a non-profit organization. It is an organization working for the education and health of poor and helpless children in Nepal. Anju Sharma Karki, the founder of Neeko Foundation, said that if you want to support this organization, you can go to the website of the organization and view it.

In the program, singer Chhetri sang songs such as ‘Pani Khane Nihu Le Timro Ghar Aula’, ‘Saili ra Maili Poila Gayexan’, ‘Timro Suido Sajaidine Mero Eutai Dhoko’, ‘Huri le Udauna Sakena’, ‘Phulai Phulmatra Haina Rahexa Jivan’, ‘Bol Bol Bolauda Kheri Aauxa Mauka Parkhina Dhatteri’, ‘Ghar ta Lagankhel’, etc. Anil Timilsina – Keyboard, Rajan Adhikari – Tabla (Rhythm), Sameer Khakurel – Guitar, Samrat Adhikari – Bass Guitar, Ayush Pudasaini – Madal, Chiuri Botaima were accompanied by singer Sakshi Lamichhane in 3 songs.

Melody Musical Night” Event Management was done by RNR Groups. Along with entertainment, this company has also been doing many charities from time to time.

This program was broadcasted live by Enepalese. The charity festival surpassed all expectations, proving that even the face of challenges, the power of music and community can create transformative experiences. The resounding success of this event not only showcased the immense talent of the performers but also highlighted the generosity and compassion of the attendees. L2D dance group, renowned for their skillful choreography and sunchronized movements channel their energy and passion towards supporting charitable endeavors held in the USA. The mesmerizing movements of the dancers captivate the audience’s attention and provide a platform to discuss the cause at hand.

Karki consulting, Monarch Mortgage, State Farm Insurance, Zen Travels, Nepali Realtors and Everest Momo Plus helped to make this event a huge success.

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