Kanchan Gautam is in Miss Universe 2022 – Contestant #1053

Kanchan Gautam, as the name suggests, is a bright, energetic, compassionate and genuine young woman. A certified psychosocial counselor with a bachelor’s degree in nursing sciences, and master’s degree in clinical psychology. She is a beautiful, young woman with the passion to achieve greater things in life. She is an exceptional student and individual, one that would contribute greatly to any area that she delves upon. She has always believed that one should not be confined to a certain norm of society but should be limitless and ambitious in life. This time she has embarked upon the most amazing journey of Miss Universe Nepal 2022 and is determined to win the crown through her hard work and resilience. She is contestant no.1053 and you can vote for her through Khalti app and Miss Universe Nepal app. She is keen to use the platform to advocate for child mental health and gender equality.

She is a person with various interests and aspirations in life. She has been professionally involved in nursing and clinical psychology and has an exceptional and passionate interest towards her profession. In addition to that, she has an avid interest in performing arts and music. She has been featured in various magazines, TVCs and has walked in some fashion shows as a runway model in the past. She has been volunteering with some charitable organizations. Currently, she is working for an international organization as technical officer for maternal neonatal child health and family planning in the rural areas of Nepal. She has found a lot of satisfaction in the acts of serving others. It gives her a great pleasure to be a part of the change which can weave into a better future altogether. It has been hard for her to balance her work, studies and modelling but she was always determined to succeed. She has a positive outlook towards life and that has been a driving force for her.

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