Miss Gurung International 2023

Miss Gurung International 2023, Jerina Gurung

Bronisha Khadka Thapa

RnR Gropus

The 5th Miss Gurung International 2023 event in Kathmandu was a grand celebration of Gurung culture, beauty, and talent. This prestigious pageant aimed to showcase the grace, intelligence, and charisma of young Gurung women across Nepal.

However, it was not just a platform for showcasing beauty; it also had a noble cause. One of the event’s highlights was the generous donation of 1 lakh rupees to Sikkim’s flood and landslide victims. The devastating natural disasters had caused immense destruction and loss of life in the region, leaving many families homeless and in dire need of assistance. The owner of Mrighatrishna Fashion House, Trishna Gurung, who organized Miss Gurung International, recognized the situation’s urgency and decided to contribute to the relief efforts. The donation was a heartfelt gesture demonstrating the event organizers’ and participants’ compassion and empathy. It showcased their commitment to positively impacting society and helping those in need. The funds donated would go a long way in providing relief and support to the affected families, helping them rebuild their lives and regain stability.

The event was a spectacular display of Gurung culture, traditions, and talent. Contestants from various parts of Nepal participated in multiple rounds, including traditional wear, talent showcase, and question-answer sessions. The pageant celebrated not only the physical beauty of the contestants but also their intelligence, confidence, and cultural awareness. The event also served as a platform for promoting Gurung culture and traditions to a broader audience. Through their performances, the contestants showcased the rich heritage of the Gurung community, including their traditional dances, music, and attire.

This helped preserve and promote the cultural identity of the Gurung people, ensuring that their traditions continue to thrive and be appreciated by future generations. Miss Gurung Nepal 2023 was a memorable event that combined beauty, talent, and philanthropy. It crowned Jerina Gurung winner and significantly contributed to Sikkim’s flood and landslide victims. The event organizers and participants should be commended for their efforts in using their platform to impact society positively and for promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Gurung community.

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