Prakriti Deuja: Breaking Barriers and Making History as a Nepalese American Pop R&B Singer

Making History as a Nepalese American Pop R&B Singer

Bronisha Khadka Thapa

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Prakriti Deuja, a native of NOVA, recording artist, and songwriter, is breaking barriers and making history as a Nepalese American pop R&B singer. She has become the first Nepalese American to perform at the NBA, various concerts, opening acts, and multiple political events. Prakriti’s journey to music, however, needed to be more linear.

Growing up in the quiet suburbs of Centreville, VA, in a traditional Nepalese household, Prakriti was the first in her family to consider a career in the arts. Being a first-generation immigrant, venturing into an uncharted and uncertain path meant breaking several rules and defying expectations. Despite the challenges, she knew that completing what her parents had immigrated for was her responsibility. Therefore, she initially focused on her education until after graduation, when she realized her heart belonged to music.

Prakriti’s sassy lyrics, catchy melodies, and subtle yet strong runs have earned her recognition as an artist. Her two singles, “I’m Sorry” and “Friends Can Break Your Heart Too,” have further cemented her storytelling technique and soulful voice, capturing audiences across the globe and gaining a large following in both the United States and Nepal.

While Prakriti is known for her show-stopping voice and exceptional songwriting skills, one of her most important goals is to be remembered for her advocacy for authenticity and representation. As a daughter of immigrants, she had to navigate her creative career independently, facing skepticism from family members who still question her choice at dinner parties. Therefore, she must continue building a space for Asian Pacific Islanders (API) and Nepalese artists like herself.

With her passionate personality and powerful voice, Prakriti skillfully expresses her emotions through the music she creates. She looks forward to the next era of her life, filled with more music and personal growth. This year, her next era begins with a nomination for Best Pop Song at the 36th annual Wammie Awards for her recent release, “Friends Can Break Your Heart Too.” Prakriti hopes that with the support of her fans, she can become the first Nepalese woman to win a WAMMIE. Voting for the awards is open to everyone, regardless of location, and can be done at this link:

“Friends Can Break Your Heart Too,” also known as “FCBYHT,” merges elements of sad-pop and balladry melodies with an R&B trap beat. The gentle tune of strings and waves at the beginning of the song represents the sadness of losing a friend. As the song progresses, the sulky vocals convey a sense of happiness that breaks through when cutting off a toxic and disrespectful person, much like a romantic breakup. The song returns to the same strings, synths, and slow pace, reminding listeners that friends can also break hearts.

The Wammie Awards provide an exciting opportunity for local artists in the D.C.-Maryland-Virginia region to gain recognition for their artistry. Hundreds of applicants compete each year, and only a few become finalists. The support of fans and the community could play a crucial role in Prakriti’s journey towards becoming the first Nepalese woman to win a WAMMIE. Voting for her can be done at;

To learn more about Prakriti Deuja and listen to her music, visit her website:

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