Talk show with Swarnim Wagle’s Sheds Light on Nepal’s Economic and Unemployment Situation

Bronisha Khadka Thapa

RnR Groups

In a bid to address the pressing issues of economic growth and unemployment in Nepal, RNR Groups, Karki Consulting and Onest Realstate recently organized a talk show featuring renowned politicians. Swarnim Wagle at Wyndham Garden Manassas, USA. The event was. personally organized by Raju karki, Roshan Puri and Suresh Sapkota without the political and community society background. The event aimed to provide a platform for an in-depth discussion on the challenges faced by the country and potential solutions to foster economic development and tackle unemployment.

Swarnim Wagle, a prominent figure in Nepal’s political landscape, shared his insights and proposed strategies to overcome these hurdles, Understanding Nepal’s Economic Situation. Nepal, a landlocked country nestled between two economic giants, India and China, faces unique. challenges in its pursuit of economic growth. Despite its rich cultural heritage and natural resources, the country has struggled to achieve sustainable development. Factors such as political instability, inadequate infrastructure, and limited access to capital have hindered Nepal’s economic progress and Unemployment: A Looming Crisis, one of the most pressing issues faced by Nepal is unemployment. The country’s youth are grappling with limited job opportunities, leading to a brain drain as many seek employment abroad. The lack of a skilled workforce and a mismatch between education and industry requirements exacerbate the problem. Addressing this issue is crucial to harnessing the potential of Nepal’s young population and driving economic growth. He added the unmanaged process of opening a company in Nepal has affected the entrepreneurial spirit thrives. For many aspiring business owners, the journey of opening a company in Nepal can be akin to navigating an uncharted maze. Despite government efforts to streamline procedures and promote entrepreneurship, there remains a complex and often unmanaged process that can be daunting for those looking to start a business.

Before starting program, the CEO of Karki consultant, Raju Karki gave a short Description of his journey in USA and his thoughts about the future. Raju Karki, a dynamic Nepali entrepreneur is emerging as a prominent voice in discussion on economics and employment. Raju Karki a visionary Nepali national whose entrepreneurial journey in the USA is both inspiring and impactful. One of the Karki’s primary objectives is to advocate for economic resilience, not only for the Nepali diaspora but all communities. He believes that by fostering the economy. satiability and inclusivity, societies can better weather economic uncertainties. He added how he wants to see a Nepali diaspora helping its own country to rebuild the nation with strong finance, development and growth.

Swarnim Wagle shared his expertise and proposed strategies to tackle Nepal’s economic challenges. He emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach that focuses on multiple sectors simultaneously. Dr. Wagle stressed the importance of investing in infrastructure development, such as roads, electricity, and telecommunications, to attract foreign direct investment and foster economic growth. Additionally, he highlighted the significance of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. Encouraging startups and providing them with necessary support, including access to finance and mentorship, can create new job opportunities and boost the economy activity. Dr. Wagle also emphasized the need for skill development programs to bridge the gap between education and industry requirements, ensuring a competent workforce that meets the demands of the job market. Collaboration and Policy Reforms. Swarnim Wagle emphasized the importance of collaboration between the government, private sector, and civil society to address Nepal’s economic challenges effectively. He stressed the need for policy reforms that promote. investment, reduce bureaucratic hurdles, and create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive. Dr. Wagle also highlighted the significance of regional cooperation, particularly with neighboring countries, to enhance trade and economic integration.

The talk show organized by RnR Groups, Karki Consulting and Onest Realstate featuring Swarnim Wagle shed light on Nepal’s economic and unemployment situation. Dr. Wagle’s insights and proposed solutions provided a roadmap for addressing the challenges faced by the country. By focusing on infrastructure development, entrepreneurship, skill development, and policy reforms, Nepal can pave the way for sustainable economic growth and tackle the pressing issue of unemployment. It is crucial for all stakeholders to come together and work towards implementing these strategies to unlock Nepal’s true potential and create a prosperous future for its citizens. Driestie Kafle, MC of the talk show really helped to make this talk show a successful event. Lastly Dr Wagle, thanked all the participants, guest, and organizer for nice management. Whereas some participants were not happy as they didn’t get a chance to ask question to him because of limited time. Insite of that we could see lots of crowd came together to make this event successful.

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