Teej Festivals celebrated by Hindu women

Model:- Nutan Chettri

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The festival of Haritalia Teej is celebrated religiously by women in Nepal and in some parts of India. Haritalika Teej has mythological significance in Hinduism. It is believed that Goddess Parvati made Lord Shiva happy by fasting nirjal (without even drinking water) and from that day Hindus have been worshiping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati as half-angini.

Teej is a three-day Hindu festival dedicated to women. It is also called the Great Festival of Women. In this festival, women commemorate Goddess Parbati and Lord Shiva’s union by singing, dancing, and doing rituals. Teej is also celebrated to welcome the monsoon season. Women gets to visit their parents’ home (maiti) even if they have not been able to for a long time. The first day is called “Daar khani din” where women eat sweets and other delicacies before the fast. Married women are invited by their parents and family on this day to enjoy the feast. On day 2, women take a fast without even drinking water and worshiping lord Shiva. Women visit the temples of Lord Shiva for worships and on this day one can see a long queue especially at Pasupathi Nath temple in Kathmandu. The main puja takes place with offerings of flowers, fruits, etc., made to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, for their blessing upon the husband and the family. Married women wish for a long and healthy lives of their partners and unmarried ones wish for a husband as loving as Lord Shiva. They dance and sing to various folk songs to celebrate. On the final day they practice rituals, take a holy bath to worship (7 saints) Saptarishi. During the teej festivals women are seen wearing a red saris or red salwar suits, with lot of jewelries and matching accessories. Married women are seen wearing red and green color potes and tilharis (glass beads garland with gold charms).

Lately there has been a lot of controversies due to the flamboyance nature of celebrations by certain sections of people. Women have great power to bear responsibility. Let’s keep the cultural significance of this festival in our heart and celebrate based on our means and convenience. We at RnR Groups wish all the Hindus women a very “Happy Haritalika Teej”!

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