Youngest Woman for Deputy Mayor of Inaruwa, Sunsari

Alisha Adhikari
RnR Groups, US

Shweta A small town girl from Inaruwa,sunsari-Nepal, she is just 22 years old. She has passed SLC from” Our English Boarding School” Inaruwa. Intermediated from “Shusma Godawari College”- Itahari, Completed bachelor in Bsc Microbiology from Tribhuwan University Nepal.

She is A Women with a high goals. A leader , influencer and socialized person. She is Winner of a Beauty pageant Miss Inaruwa 2020,

Past Women coordinator of Inaruwa Jaycees 2020, Vice president of Inaruwa Jaycees 2021 Career holding as a Model.

She belong from a large joint family with altogether 25 members, recently she is nuclear. Religion Hindu ,ethnicity Madhesi ,mother language maithali , Nationality-Born in Nepal.

Up coming in 22 years of age being a girl , a daughter and a women is package of experience’s. And she personally dealing with this actually! She remembered something from her childhood day’s her mom used to say that when she was born her own family member Dominated her mother cause she gave birth to a baby girl and her skin colour was black and she will have to give lots of dowrys when her daughter will get marry, and her journey was started with the battels coming from her own family member’s. Her only influencer teacher her role model who grew her up with strong ability and put her out bravely crossing every boundaries and limitations which was blocking her dream to fly for high is her Mom. Talking about her political journey it start’s with her leading personality which she earned from the leading ‘Socio organization Jaycees’ She said, I was lucky to get a chance to have me as a member in “Inaruwa Jaycees… ” she had public interaction’s in all over Nepal. Communicating with inspired personalities being between them gave her the power of analysing that created a best version of she and particular she was in mouth of everyone carrying the topic shweta saha strong personality, a bold leader and the change of youth’s and empowering women that made publically renowned in entire Nepal Jaycees. And I have been fruitfully supported by my Jaycees colleagues

She said Her grandfather “Birendra Prashad Sah” he was the pure congress leader his contribution towards youth and political party has been titeld he never panicked from any other political parties and he was admired as a strong hardcore congress and whole family too.

After death of her grandfather she decided to join congress in being of his granddaughter thinking her responsibility and today’s need of youth’s as well being women too, since she joined congress as an active member. When she was in 12th standrad it was her first experience to know and vote for candidates who were finally nominated. In those five year’s being a youth she neverfelt their needs were prioritiesd cause they are the future of nation and the responsibility was only to change , facilitate and concentrate in needs of Inaruwa citizens just a small beautiful town and five years this never gave her opportunities to grow and be hopeful living in own place there are lots of topics which should be point out give an eyepoint that can save life of people of Inaruwa and side towns too, but should be given in right hand. She also said that, One day we were invited in ward program of Congress committee that was day to provide our name for upcoming election 2079 Baisakh 30 at firstly she thought to give her name as normal candidate of ward committee but , at the time one women being a women she pushed her pointing that you can’t give ur name you are unmarried and your age is not applicable only married women’s are allowed for these things.Then her question was Why? Why unmarried can’t lead and she said no you should not give your name for election it will not be good being a young woman and also unmarried, her first point was to change this thought.

Secondly she heard everytime current mayor Rajan Mehta told that Why not educated one’s comes front to join poilitics, why always educated ones are backward in this field? But the condition seriously again same person has nominated for this time and change she don’t think it will be expectable . There are lots of citizens from Inaruwa but they are not coming in front of all because of lack of education lack of political awareness and her point is being a human (men/women)its there first responsibility toward’s there nation and change is in there hands. She appreciate each candidates who has been nominated for mayor and secondly for deputy mayor but the point is why not she that’s why she decided to make a change and this is a history from Inaruwa in ethics of madhesi in entire Nepal in age of 22 a youngest women has given her name for Deputy Mayor of Inaruwa, Sunsari to play the dynamic role for youths in politics and it’s an ultimate change in itself at starting point. She have always dreamed for high things cause she do have courage to earn it, she believe, Life should be all-around of experiences adventures.

She says a model can be a Deputy mayor, a Deputy mayor is common person with huge responsibility but she can also be a student learning Master’s, she can hold her career being deputy mayor. Can create opportunities for young wonders in field of education, creativity, sports….humanitarian and etc. She wants to be thunder for those evils who stare their eyes negatively towards girl’s and for those girls who utilizes their rights unnecessarily, to gain something they want.

She never say girls should be provided extra rights they are enough in them selves thing is just to wake-up from such strings of negative rumours. Sweeta said, my future is for my nation, she has dreamed to keep my national flag always heading up with proudfull moment’s and specially when women will raise it and I believe in it. When our women will be independent from each religion and ethnicity muslim, madhesi, dalit,pahadi…crime free country will only be heeded when they will accept and realize that when entire 3 things(wisdom,wealth and power)is women than nothing to fear step forward for their dreams to fly and be self depend.

And only can happen when our youth will be prioritized in there own country with opportunities our youth working in our country shld be main theory and politics played by right and knowledgeable minds allover youth.

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